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Tropical Futures Institute was founded in 2015 as an experiment in contemporary culture and is currently located in Cebu, Philippines.

Tropical Futures is a leading design strategy studio that elevates early stage web3 tech startups and artists creating fertile conditions to support long term sustainable growth through co-creation, early stage investment, and strategy. Alongside client work Tropical Futures deploys self initiated projects that explore decentralized technologies, geo strategic futures, design fictions and cultural explorations.

Why Tropical Futures Institute?

To add the etymology of the name, positioning TFI as a performative entity that is also serious about its research and curatorial activities, but with a tongue-in-cheek approach to institutional bodies.

Three Categories of Practice

 INSIGHTS    Documentation on subject matter relating to work surrounding the Tropics.

PROJECTS   Interventions across physical and meta domains including exhibitions, talks, and parties.

ARTIFACTS  Objects that emerge.