Tammy Nguyen: Projects

Tammy Nguyen is a multimedia artist whose work spans painting, drawing, printmaking and book making. Intersecting geopolitical realities with fiction, her practice addresses lesser-known histories through a blend of myth and visual narrative. She is the founder of Passenger Pigeon Press, an independent press that joins the work of scientists, journalists, creative writers, and artists to create politically nuanced and cross-disciplinary projects.

Website: tammynguyenstudio.com
Instagram: @tammowhammo
E-mail: tammyvonguyen@gmail.com

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For inquiries on works for sale, e-mail sayoka@tropicalfutures.institute

Freehold (2022)
January 15th - 23rd, 2022
Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore
S.E.A. Focus 2022