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The Chapters: Collecting Digital

Metis Art Education
June 15 & 22, 2022

In two 90-minute sessions, The Chapters: Collecting Digital dove into the digital realm as the genre of new media has wrapped itself around an exciting collecting technology: NFTs.  

Part 1 / 15 June 2022

The first session, explored a brief history of digital art and its transition to the blockchain. The coverage included values that underpin the current NFT movement, its foundations in cryptocurrency and game economies.

1-1:30PM / 7-7:30PM — A Brief History of Digital Art by Christina J. Chua.
2:30-3:30PM / 8:30-9:30PM — Introduction to Digital Assets by Christopher Fussner

    • What is Bitcoin?
    • What are tokens?
    • How do I buy and store cryptocurrency?
    • What are NFTs’ historical context in game economies?
    • And essentially, what is a NFT?

Part 2 / 22 June 2022

The second session examined different NFT verticals not just in art, but also fashion, gaming and finance, as well as strategies for navigating and collecting within these ecosystems.  

7:45-8PM — Recap with Christina J. Chua.
2-3PM / 8-9PM — Ecosystem Exploration & Strategy by Christopher Fussner

    • Art and NFTs
    • Gaming and NFTs
    • Finance and NFTs
    • Fashion, Music and NFTs
    • Tools, frameworks and strategies to navigate the space

3-3:30PM / 9-9:30PM — Wallet Workshop by Christopher Fussner

    • Where do I find NFTs?
    • How do I buy one and set up a wallet?
    • Best practices for digital asset custody