Panel: What is the Value of Creativity in Your City?

We moderated a panel talk curated by @Purveyr on "What is The Value of Creativity in Your City?"

This talk was part of a series of talks sponsored by San Miguel Light for their 20th anniversary. 

Prompt questions: 

  • How often do you get asked for a discount? How do you deal with it?
  • How do you educate clients on the value of your work?
  • Do you think creative value is a race to the bottom in the current climate with an oversupply of creatives and platforms like Fiverr?
  • How do you value yourself?
  • Have you watched Chris Do, has he helped you in understanding your value?
  • Do you bother with local clients? International clients?
  • Have you ever wanted to quit?
  • What was the lowest point in your creative adventure and how did you get out of it?
  • How do we encourage more interaction with contemporary cultural movements?
  • Do you think the general public cares about design?
  • How does a creative find their own voice outside of doing mindless CAD/gfxDesign/UIUX/commissions
  • Do you feel environment limits your work?
  • What are your thoughts on local creative community? Do you find support in it? 

Panel participants included: