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Kristoffer Ardeña

Kristoffer Ardeña is a contemporary artist who lives between Negros Island, Philippines and Madrid, Spain. Ardeña works with various formats ranging from ready-mades, photography, installation, sculpture, video, painting, performance and others. He also curates through the platform Moving Images Lab Filipinas and he is the co-founder of Photoma.

Instagram: @kris_ardena

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Ardeña grew up in Dumaguete, where he discovered his talents as an artist. At 18 he moved to Germany, and then to Luxembourg, where he apprenticed under several European artists. He won a full scholarship at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and then spent a few years in Madrid after finishing his degree.


    •     B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing, Academy of Art College, San Fransisco, California, 2001

Awards and Residencies—

     •     Cajamadrid Generaciones, Spain,
     •     Academy in Rome Award, Spain
     •     (Scholarship); Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg
     •     Full-Tuition Undergraduate Scholarship; Academy of Art College, San Fransisco, California, 2001

Solo Exhibitions—

     •     Basahan, Art Taipei, Galerie OVO, Taipei, Taiwan
     •    Tang Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

     •     Basahan, Art Fair Philippines, Tropical Futures, Manila, Philippines
     •     Geopoemas: Bacolod, Mo Space, Manila, Philippines 

     •     Jologs, Art Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E.

     •     Geopoemas, 1335 Mabini Gallery, Manila, Philippines
     •     Banda sonora tropical, 856G Gallery, Cebu, Philippines

     •     Manifesto Gallery, Manila, Philippines

     •     Negros Paintings, Espacio Minimo Gallery, Madrid, Spain

     •     Archivo 1983 Gallery, Manila Philippines
     •     Art Fair Philippines, Manila Philippines

     •     Dear Curator Curate Me, Grey Space Projects, Singapore
     •     Dear Curator Curate Me, Cemeti House and Mes 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

     •     Dear Curator Curate Me, Selasar Sunaryo Art Center, Bandung, Indonesia
     •     Dear Curator Curate Me, Museum of Three Cultures, Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
     •     Ghost Paintings, Galerie Nuble, Satander, Spain

     •     Balanghai, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico (curatiorial project)
     •     Enchantment of Affinities, Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines (curator: Patrick Flores)
     •     Homage: Mexico, Museo Carillo Gil, Mexico D.F. (curator: Manuela Villa)
     •     Who is Jose Rizal?, Galeria Oliva Arauna, Madrid, Spain
     •     Sweat Dreams and other Stories, Casa Asia, Madrid Spain

     •     Homage: Murcia, La Conservera Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Murcia, Spain
     •     Walk in My Shoes, ARTESANDER Art Fair, Spain (curator: Oscar Alonso Molina)
   •     In Place of Absence, Gallery Ulf Saupe, Berlin, Germany
   •     Homage: Terrasa, Sala Muncunill, Terrassa, Spain (curator: Aimar Arriola)

Group Exhibitions—

     •     Cue from Life Itself, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Philippines

     •     A Silent Voice, Tang Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand
     •     Southeast Asia, New Generation, Tang Contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand
     •     A Public Collection of Hidden but Familiar, LIMBO, Manila Philippines
     •     City of Bawal, 1335 Mabini Gallery, Manila Philippines

     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain
     •     Art Fair Philippines, Manila, Philippines

     •     1335 Mabini Gallery, Manila, Philippines
     •     Scope Pingpong Space, Gwanju, South Korea
     •     Mo Space Gallery, Manila, Philippines
     •     Anton Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines
     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain

     •     NADA Art Fair, NYC, USA
     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain
     •     Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila, Philippines

     •     Tropical, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Manila, Philippines

     •     Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC), Spain
     •     La Consevera Art Center, Murcia, Spain
     •     Metropolitan Museum of Manila OPEN, Philippines
     •     XXXFuorifestival, Pisaro, Italy
     •     VIVA EXCON, Bacolod, Philippines

     •     domestiCITY, JStudio, Manila, Philippines (curator: Mark Salvatus)
     •     Museo de Artes Decorativos, Madrid, Spain (curator: Carlos Delgado)
     •     Brunilda’s Song, Breaking Arts Festival, Guangzhou China (Dermis Leon)
     •     Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico
     •     Metropolitan Museum of Manila, traveling video exhibition in various SM malls in collaboration with Samsung, Manila, Philippines

     •     Generaciones 2012 Caja Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain (curator: Oliva Ma. Rubio)
     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain
     •     Jaula de Oro, Abandoned Building, Alicante, Spain (curator: Pablo Lag)
     •     Una Historia de Vintage, Madrid, Spain (curator: Daniel Silvo)

     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain
     •     Performing Pinoy, CaixaForum, Barcelona, Spain (curator: Juan Guardiola)
     •     El Mapa: Cartografías Críticas, Museo de Arte Moderno Madellín, Colombia
     •     In Process, AVAM Studios, Madrid, Spain

     •     ARCO ART FAIR, Madrid, Spain
     •     Armory Art Fair, New York, USA
     •     El Mapa: Cartografías Críticas, Museo de Arte de la República, Bogota, Colombia
     •     Cine del barrio, La Veladas de Santa Lucia Encuentro Internaccional de Arte Contemporáneo, Maracaibo, Venezuela (curator: Paco Barragan)

     •     Historias, cuentos y amnesias, La Casa EncendidaMadrid, Spain
     •     Archivo de creadores, Matadero Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Madrid, Spain
     •     Navigating the Present, Konsthall C, Stockholm, Sweden
     •     MadridFoto, Madrid, Spain
     •     Neo-urban planners, Green Papaya Project Space, Manila, Philippines

     •     3rd Guangzhou Triennale, P.R. China (curator: Sopawan Bonnimitra)
    •     Dating, Casino Luxembbourg Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg
    •     Navigating the Present, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden
    •     Accidentes Controlados, Museo Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico D. F. (curator: Edith Medina)
     •     3rd Bucharest Biennale, Romania (curators: Johan Sjostrom, Jan Erik Lundstrom/Felix Vogel)